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When, in 1969, this firm was created, its sole purpose was to become  a unique firm which specializes in Electrical Infrastructure contracting. Today, when we present ourselves, we proudly present that we have achieved our goal.
As of today, we have two firms operating:

TİT CONSTRUCTION & TRADE LTD. was established and started operating in 1969,
VEHBİ YILMAZ ENGINEERING LTD. was established and started operating in 1995.

Eversince our establishment we have been successfully completed university
campuses, large scaled hospitals, shopping malls, high quality residential
settlements and large scale electrical infrastructure works.

With both our firms, since their establishments, we have had a very busy and honorable
business life which required intense specialization.

As two engineer brothers who are in charge of our companies, having brought up by a
father who has been a part of this profession since 1950s, we have great expertise and
knowledge about electrical contratcing jobs and electrical materials. Through the
experience we have gained, we have learnt that being a long lasting and prolific
company requires being an honest merchant and conducting good business.

Our business relations, continuous for 30 years with contractors such as Dilek
Consturction and TEPE Construcition, and our suppliers directly points to our correct
evaluation above.

We have sucessfully completed all the jobs which were given upon us, with the main
contractors who give us a special place, with all our workers who have had a part in our
jobs, and with all the friends who have supplied us with the necessary materials and
references. Thank You,


Electrical Engineer, M.Sc.

2012 Vehbi YILMAZ
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